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Created, written, drawn and directed by Pavão, and co-directed by Thiago Martins, Rockstar Ghost was a mini-series produced and aired in 2007 by MTV Brasil. It tells the adventures of Nasi as a ghost hunter of dead rockers.  The singer of Ira! participates doing his own voice and the voice of other characters like Adoniran Barbosa.
There were 9 episodes of 11 minutes that shared space in the grid with The Jorges.


Episode Sample



Produced by: MTV Cartoon Drugstore
Directed by: Pavão

Co-Directed by: Thiago Martins

Screenplay: Pavão and Flávia Boggio (The Return of the Pearl Woman)

Art: Pavão

Art Assistant: PQ

Animation: Pavão and PQ

Music and Sound FX: Nasi and Arthur Joly

Production: Andréa Fragoso, Ivan Vom Simson

Nucleus Manager: Cacá Marcondes

Lead vocals: Nasi, Theo Poppovic, Fon Jimenes, Marta Ferreira, Pavão and Thiago Martins

Mixing: Beto Montalvão

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