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Created, designed and directed by Thiago Martins and co-directed by Pavão, The Jorges was a miniseries produced and aired in 2007 by MTV Brasil. It tells the daily life of a power trio that dreams of making success with their rock band. It was written in partnership with Thiago Martins and Marcos Paulo Marques and had the special participation of Jimmy London, from the band Matanza, playing the voice of Fornalha.  There were 9 episodes of 11 minutes that shared space on the grid with Rockstar Ghost.


Episode Sample



Produced by: MTV Cartoon Drugstore
Directed by: Thiago Martins

Co-Direction: Pavão

Screenplay: Thiago Martins and Marcos Paulo Marques

Art: Thiago Martins

Art Assistant: Jefferson Costa

Animation: Thiago Martins and Jefferson Costa

Music and Sound FX: Arthur Joly

Production: Andréa Fragoso, Ivan Vom Simson

Core Manager: Cacá Marcondes

Lead vocals: Jimmy London, Thiago Martins and Pavão

Mixing: Beto Montalvão

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