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Co-produced by Estricnina, Copa Studios and Gloob, Gigablaster is directed by Pavão and Thiago Martins and counts with Cazé Pecini in the creative core and executive production.
The series tells the story of Giga, a blue rhinoceros who lives in his father's karaoke room, the good old zombie Papa Maneiro. Together with his brothers, Ruby and Ziggy, he goes on bizarre adventures in the town of Caçapa do Canto.
There are two seasons totaling 52 episodes of 11 minutes. The third one has already started to be produced.
It is aired daily on the Gloob channel.
The full episodes can be watched on

First Season Drops

Second Season Drops



Produced by: Estricnina, Copoa Studio and Gloob
Directed by: Pavão and Thiago Martins
Realization: Cazé Pecini

Development: Pavão, Thiago Martins, Cazé Pecini and Roger Keesse

Executive Producer: Felipe Tavares

Production Coordinator: Nathália Forte

Screenplay Coordinator: Arnaldo Branco

Screenwriters: Arnaldo Branco, Roger Keesse, Caíto Mainier, Gustavo Suzuki, Elena Altheman, Fabiane Langona, Marcos P. Marques, Guilherme

Art: Estricnina and Copa Studios

Animation: Copa Studios

Voices: Ultrassom

Voice Direction: Mel Garcia

Soundtrack and Songs: Thiago Gobet and Fernando Canedo.

Sound Fx and Mixing: Confraria de Sons e Charutos

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